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Rework per Viktor: ecco le nuove abilità

rework viktor

Arrivano i cambiamenti che erano stati annunciati per Viktor: da domani sarà possibile provare le nuove abilità del champion direttamente sul server PBE, ma di seguito trovate tutte le informazioni pubblicate sul forum ufficiale.

Fleshlings, the time of the Glorious Evolution is nigh!

Viktor will be hitting the PBE very soon (hopefully tomorrow). and I am here to give you the numbers & mechanics changes we have for the upcoming PBE patch.

Here are screenshots of the tooltips, I will be adding notes for the changes that cannot be discerned from them. Are you ready?


Basic attack frames sped up

Passive: Glorious Evolution

Viktor starts with a Prototype Hex Core that he can upgrade 3 times for 1000 gold each. Each upgrade grants +25 AP, +150 Mana and +1 AP per level, cumulating in +75AP, +6 AP per level, +500 Mana for the Perfect Hex Core.
Each upgrade will allow Viktor to augment one of his basic abilities and when Viktor has upgraded all 3, the Chaos Storm will be augmented also.

Q: Siphon Power

Range changed to use bounding boxes (Effectively 100 range increase)
Cooldown changed to 10/8.5/7/5.5/4
Damage reduced to 40/60/80/100/120 (+0.2AP)
Empowered autoattack that deals 15~250 (depending on Viktor’s level) (+0.5AP) bonus magic damage on next basic attack.
NOTE: The entirety of the damage of the next basic attack is converted to magic (ex: Poppy Q)
Shield amount changed to 30/50/70/90/110 (+0.2AP)
Shield and speed boost (Augment) duration reduced to 2.5
Shield, speed boost and empower all granted immediately upon cast

W: Gravity Field

Range increased to 700
Particle starts playing as soon as Viktor starts cast, time between start of cast and enemy being slowed is unchanged
Stunned enemies are no longer affected by the slow

E: Death Ray

Augment Explosion missile speed significantly faster than the original laser

R: Chaos Storm

Cast time reduced to 0.25 (from 0.33)
Cooldown reduced to 120/110/100
Radius of initial impact increased to 325 (from 250)
Radius of DOT zone reduced to 325 (from 350)
Storm always moves at maximum speed when moving towards Viktor
DOT damage changed to 30/60/90 (+0.2AP)
DOT damage interval now 0.5 seconds (from 0.25)
No longer silences on impact, interrupts channels instead.

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