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PBE: Tutto quello che vedrete nella Patch 4.15

Cyber Ops/PROJECT: Yasuo Skin Preview

Yasuo Model

Yasuo Emotes

Yasuo’s emotes are the same moveset-wise, but the music from his “dance” emote is different and he takes down his visor during all his emotes.

Cyber Ops Yasuo Passive

Way of the Wanderer, Resolve [ Passive ]

Cyber Ops Yasuo Q

Yasuo Q

Steel Tempest [ Q ]

Cyber Ops Yasuo Tornado

Steel Tempest, Tornado charge [ Third Q ]

Yasuo Wall

Wind Wall [ W ]

Yasuo E

Sweeping Blade [ E ]

Yasuo R

Yasuo Post R

Last Breath [ R ]

After Yasuo ults, his sword glows yellow (to indicate the bonus Armor Penetration).

Final Boss Veigar Skin Preview

Final Boss Veigar is 1820 RP, meaning it’s a legendary skin, not an ultimate.


Final Boss Veigar Model


All of Veigar’s emotes. Should be noted that he has new voice lines that sound fittingly evil.


Recall 2

For his recall, Final Boss Veigar dials a code on his glove and opens a wormhole to the Matrix that he jumps into.

Basic Attack

Basic Attack


Baleful Strike [ Q ]


Dark Matter [ W ]


Event Horizon [ E ]


R 2

Headhunter Caitlyn Preview

Primordial Burst [ R ]


Headhunter Caitlyn with Pants

Headhunter Caitlyn’s Yordle Snap Traps have been updated to match the theme of the skin.

Caitlyn W 1

Caitlyn W 2

Yordle Snap Trap [ W ]

(Warning: it’s an old preview I made with the old model of HH Caitlyn. The updated model is previewed above, as well as her current Yordle Snap Traps)

New Splash Art

 Vayne_0 Shyvana_0





New Landing Page e Patcher Visual Update


Hey everyone, We’ve made a new addition to Match History we’re tentatively calling “Player Builds.” With this data, you should be able to share, discuss, and look back on how you chose to prepare and play your champions. This section is meant to show the following:

  • Item Purchase Order
  • Ability Level Up Order
  • Runes used
  • Masteries used

We’re still at the phase of getting all the data on the page, so somethings won’t look very pretty (especially the tab/switcher system), but it’s far enough along that we’d love to get your feedback.

Check out any game on your PBE match history (link). Here is a sample game we randomly pulled.

Here’s a preview of how the new “player builds” look like in the match history:

TSM CantPauseMom Build

The-long requested “featured matches” tab is back on the landing page and has been updated to match the visuals of the new client. Here’s a preview:

Featured Matches

Featured Matches 1

Featured Matches 2

Featured Matches 3


  • Base Health Regen in both Mini and Mega forms increased from 0.5-per-second to 0.9

Boomerang Throw New IconBoomerang Throw [ Q ]

  • Missile Speed increased from 1000 to 1400
  • Hitbox width on initial increased from 45 to 60
  • Width of hitbox for grabbing the returning boomerang increased from 70 to 75
  • Missile speed of returning boomerang increased from 2400 to 2600

Boulder Toss New IconBoulder Toss [ Mega Q ]

  • Missile Speed increased from 2000 to 2100
  • Hitbox width increased from 80 to 90


Boomerang Blade New IconBoomerang Blade [ Q ]

  •  Range increased from 1175 to 1250


  • Projectile speed of basic attacks increased from 1300 to 1600

Acid Hunter New IconAcid Hunter [ Q ]

  •  Refunds half the mana cost (20), when a unit is killed with Acid Hunter

Hyper Kinetic Position Reverser New IconHyper-Kinetic Position Reverser [ R ]

  • Cooldown decreased from 120 seconds at all ranks to 120/110/100
  • Mana cost decreased from 120 at all ranks to 100

Urgot Q VFX

Urgot’s Q now swirls as it flies. Swoosh!

Essence River

Essence Reaver New IconEssence Reaver

  • Price decreased from 3400 Gold to 3200

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