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Come provare la nuova Landa degli Evocatori sui server normali! [Patch 4.16]

pbe map

Gli sviluppatori della Riot Games hanno realizzato un nuova mappa per la Landa degli Evocatori ed attualmente è possibile provarla solo sui server PBE, ma grazie all’utente Chewbacca è possibile installare la nuova mappa anche sui normali server (NA/EUW/EUNE/…) e provarla in anteprima.

Basterà utilizzare un programma appositamente realizzato e seguire tutte le istruzioni che lo stesso Chewbacca fornisce sul sito ufficiale. Trovate il download del programma e tutte le informazioni utili in questa pagina.


I’m happy to tell you that it’s now possible to play in the new Summoner’s Rift on your Live server (NA/EUW/EUNE/…). You don’t need to have a PBE account!

Since SIU (Skin Installer Ultimate) cannot install this map, I made a program which installs the new map in a simple way.

The result is really cool and we are able to see most of the features of the new map. Let’s have fun!

eatures you CAN test with this map

Features you CAN test with this map

  • New models, textures of the map (new trees, ground, rocks, …)
  • New particles like the fire, the water of the river and also the rain at the red side blue buff
  • New turrets, inhibitors and nexus (including the destruction animations, the new hit animation for the turret and the health bars for all the buildings)
  • New monsters (without new spells of Baron/Dragon) and new minions
  • Features you CANNOT test with this map

Features you CANNOT test with this map

  • New shopkeepers of both bases

Please note that the program will evolve and maybe some features that are actually not testable in the map will be available in the future. The map is actually using the “29 August 2014″ PBE Update.

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