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Buff e cambiamenti per Gnar in arrivo!


Dopo il rilascio dell’ultima patch e del nuovo champion, gli sviluppatori hanno deciso di rilasciare un nuovo piccolo aggiornamento per effettuare alcune modifiche a Gnar che verr√† “potenziato e migliorato”.

Gypsylord ha spiegato le ragioni di questi cambiamenti in un post sul forum ufficiale:

Figured I’d take a moment to go over the Gnar buffs that are coming out next patch and the reasoning behind them.

After playing and watching Gnar for the past week we’ve identified 2 key areas where he’s failing:
A) Consistency of Contribution
Gnar is having a hard time contributing to his team’s success even when he’s winning. The problem we’d want to fix up here isn’t that his transform is unreliable (that’s intended) but instead that his contribution once he does transform (be it big to small or vice versa) can’t be depended on. Mini Gnar can’t consistently hit boomerangs and instantly dies when anyone looks at him funny so while his sustained damage and CC are decent you can’t depend on him to pump it out. Mega Gnar has great CC but he’s slow and all of his spells have massive telegraphs. So while his best case is quite good it’s very hard for him to ever achieve it compared to someone like Amumu who just pushes R and auto-magically wins any team fight.

B) Lane phase is hard
Gnar has a hard time in lane. His base stats and damages are quite low and his cooldowns are high which make it very hard for him to trade favorably with his lane opponent. One mistake and he’s out. Even when he gets a lead his early stat scaling in comparison to other top laners makes it hard for him to maintain his advantage. A 3-0 Irelia chuckles when her lane opponent tries to fight her and 1v2′s the jungler should he have the gall to show up top. A 3-0 Gnar is still quite fearful of death by crocodile and might as well start /dancing when the jungler shows up for all the chance he has of surviving the gank.

ALL THAT SAID GNAR’S WIN RATE IS STILL TRENDING UPWARD. According to our internal data top lane Gnar started at 39% in ranked play and is currently @ 44.5% and rising.

With that bit of info in mind we’ve decided to be more conservative with this first set of changes as we feel people still need time to learn Gnar’s true strengths and build paths.

This patch will be mostly targeted towards Gnar’s consistency of contribution all while asking the question, “What do we want this guy to feel like regardless of his power level?” What I mean by that is these changes are as much “feel adjustments” as they are buffs and should they make him too strong I’d rather hit Gnar in other places than keep his boulder width such that it looks like it phases through people.

On to the buffs!

*Increased hp/5 at level 1 to 5 (from 3)
-Buff to lane sustain to help him recover from mistakes and ganks.

P – Rage Gene
*Fixed a bug where Gnar would sometimes not gain his bonus health immediately on transformation.
-Currently on live Gnar gets his Mega bonus health up to .25 seconds after he transforms. Not so great when you’re relying on it coming up to not die. Fixing that.

Q – Boomerang Toss and Boulder Throw
*Adjusted boomerang logic to better track Gnar’s movement when he’s closer to its turning point.
*Increased boomerang return width, making it easier to catch.
*Improved readbility of Gnar’s self only boomerang return particle and made it appear sooner.
-This stuff should hopefully make Gnar’s boomerang much easier to catch and additionally lower the occurrence of uncatchable boomerangs due to the “right angling” people are experiencing on live. More boomerangs caught = more up time = more boomerangs thrown = more contribution in fights and control over rage gain.

*Increased the missile widths and speeds of both Boulder and Boomerang
*Boulder now does its damage and slows in an AoE around its landing zone if it fails to hit an enemy.
*Reduced time Mega Gnar is locked out from picking up his boulder to .3 seconds (from .5)
*Boulder now checks if any enemy champions are standing directly inside of Mega Gnar when thrown and hits them. -Should no longer miss boulders on champs like Xin and Irelia who dash to your center point.
-This is the big stuff right here^^^^^. Improving the reliability of Boomerang and Boulder means Gnar will be consistently outputting more damage, more cc, and most importantly be better able to control his rage gain through boomerang poke in the mid game. Additionally, the particles on those things are just straight up lying to you on live right now. They freaking look like they’re warping through targets! Should be much better now.

W – Wallop
*Fixed a bug that would allow enemy champions to cast spells (like flash) if Wallop’s stun was overlapped with the stun from GNAR!.
No longer will Lucian be able to reposition in the middle of Gnar’s epic CC combo. He’s gonna stay right where he is for the full 3 seconds.

*Fixed a bug where the knockback on GNAR! would end too early, allowing enemies to cast spells (like flash) upon landing, even if they hit a wall.
-This effectively increases the CC duration of the knockback to .5 seconds from a variable time between .3-.4. So you get longer CC in the worst case (no wall hit) and can be sure that no one is going to flash in the middle of your stun combo.

*Decreased Mega Gnar’s self lockout time on casting the ult to .4 seconds from .5.
-This will let you start moving sooner after using the ult. Will make it a tad easier to position for a follow up Wallop or Boulder.

*Added a .5 AP ratio
-Cause Sheen and Baron Buff D:

Finally Rec items are being updated to shift some emphasis on to tankier builds which seem to be having the most success.
-Honestly, Gnar’s a little weirdo when it comes to build path and as such his rec items are a work in progress. As we all hone in on what’s most effective on him I’ll continue to update what we’re suggesting to newer players.

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